How to Please a Woman in Bed


As a guy, you realize how difficult it is to get women to speak openly and frankly about sex and therefore to know how to please a woman in bed.

Talk to her about anything else, like her day at work or the latest gossip about her friends, and she can chat for hours. But bring up details about what she likes in bed, and she clams up and becomes shy all of a sudden.

This is a real problem, because if you don’t satisfy her, she’ll find a man who DOES. Fortunately I’m here to help you, with a few general tips that will give you the power to take care of her needs…


how to please a woman in bed1. Go slow.

We men are very different from women. We can get aroused pretty freaking fast so it’s difficult to know how to please a woman in bed. And then we want to move as immediately as possible toward our goal, if you know what I mean.

Women, on the other hand, are a lot more complex, with a sex drive that’s both delicate and intricate, which requires you to be more indirect.

From her point of view, lovemaking should be an otherworldly connection unfolding between you two. So when you speed through the process and then immediately roll over and fall asleep, she gets frustrated. This brings up the next thing…


2. Stay awake.

While we guys experience a rapid collapse of our arousal after we come, a woman cools off more slowly. As John Alexander puts it in his superb “Her Best Lover Ever” course, women are like irons. They heat up slowly, but they will also retain their heat for awhile…

So keep cuddling with your woman after sex and kissing her. Even do a “round two” after a bit if you’re up for it. (He also teaches you how to boost your own sex drive so you WILL want round twos.)

At all costs, however, stay awake until she falls asleep in your arms. You can find out more on this Wikihow here


3. Learn her entire body.

Every woman is different. We men are a lot more simple — most of our pleasure comes from one certain body part. But women are a lot more complex than that, and so there is no real one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to women’s bodies EXCEPT that you should discover everything about your particular woman’s body.

She’ll be highly responsive to you touching her in some areas, but other areas not so much. Some parts she’ll want you to touch lightly; but when you touch other parts lightly, she’ll feel like you’re tickling her. Also, there are some parts of her body she’ll want you to learn to touch during different phases of her arousal. It’s important you pay attention and learn.

This will be different from other women you’ve been with. For example, your old ex may have been indifferent to you touching her ears, while your current woman will shudder with pleasure if you blow lightly into her ear and stroke her earlobe.


4. Talk.

Tell her what you like. Moan in pleasure when you two are making love, so she knows how much you enjoy it. And try to be open with your communication with her. When a woman reaches the point where she feels completely comfortable with you and trusts you totally, she’ll even start to tell you what she likes in bed. (You will need to ask her though. Women won’t normally volunteer information like that.)

Okay, my friend. I’ve given you four areas to work on that will boost your woman’s (and your) pleasure immensely. And make no mistake about it — you bring her into sexual nirvana, and she’ll do the same for you!

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